Graphic Designer, Art/Craft Facilitator, Weaver, Craft-Maker and Artist-Maker. I spent 12 years behind a computer in busy design studios before embarking on an amazing journey, inspired by a 3 month sabbatical and Art Residency in Mexico, in 2011. I left my job in 2013 and went to volunteer as an Art facilitator to street kids in Ecuador, staying on for three years to develop as an Artist and Weaver. Since returning to the UK, I have continued to practice my crafts while working professionally as the Senior Digital Officer at Lakeland Arts, with creative projects keeping me happy, calm, peaceful, creative, balanced and a better functioning human in the big bad world. I make, I sew, I weave... I explore, I paint, I play. I write, I dream... I nourish myself and others through all of these things.

Things that are important to me are_

Creativity, crafts, expression and the therapeutic aspects of these activities, as well as sustainability and working alongside nature for the benefit of environmental causes. Empowering others through creativity, and keeping the traditional skills of working and making by hand alive. I love natural materials, but am also drawn to work with re-purposed materials so that recycled waste materials can become a sustainable resource, and less of an environmental issue.

Awards_ Publications_ Residencies_ Exhibitions



X Muestra Arte Erotico Espiritual

'Un poema de amor' - a 'moving poem' video/performance piece featured in the online group exhibition curated by Xavier Blum. 

Participation in Pandemic Stitch Stories, UK

A collective quilting project, created to tell unique stories of all participants' pandemic experience. The quilt will go on display and the project was initiated by The Buddy Refugee Project.


Participation 'Bordando por la Memoria' 45years since the Chilean Revolution, UK

A remembrance embroidery project initiated by Art facilitator, Jimena Prado, to remember all those who disappeared during the Chilean Revolution. All embroidery was displayed outside the Chilean Embassy in London.


Performance piece for Save the Seeds, UK

A performance piece in Green Park to raise awareness about Mother Earth and laws being implemented to control seeds.

Ayampe Cultural Showcase, Ecuador

Selected to participate in a weekend of cultural events, in community of Ayampe. 



CIDAP 40th Anniversary Exhibition, Ecuador

Commissioned alongside master weaver Manuel Rodriguez, to design a piece for CIDAP’s 40th Anniversary Exhibition.


Fibras Naturales y Ancestrales Exhibition, Ecuador

An exhibition of Coco Palm Weaving for CIDAP, Centre of Inter-American Handicrafts.



Yo Mi Nuestro Exhibition, Alianza Francesa, Ecuador

Exhibition organized and curated for JUCONI-Junto con los Ninos, Art Club programme - featuring 8 months of work completed by 3 separate groups across Guayaquil during their weekly art groups.

Group Exhibition, Museo Nahim Isaias, Ecuador

Selected to participate in a group exhibition supported by the Ecuadorian Ministry of Culture and Heritage.


Group Exhibiton, Museo de Amantes de Sumpa, Ecuador

Selected to participate in a group exhibition curated by Xavier Blum.



Arquetopia Art Residency, Mexico

Artist residency and cultural exchange in Oaxaca, Mexico



Design Indaba Magazine, South Africa

Personal Work featured in Quarter 02 of 2010



Bronze Epica Award, Europe - Publication Design

A European Creative Competition with entries from 70 countries.


Top Overall Final Year Graphic Design Student, South Africa

Boston Media House


Top Overall 2nd year Graphic Design Student, South Africa

Bursary for Final Year of Study - Boston Media House


Top Matric Art Student, South Africa

Award for the top Matric (A-levels) Art Student at Potchefstroom High School for Girls

Workshop Facilitation_


Easter Workshop at OPEN Ealing - London, UK

Activities relating to Easter/Rebirth - hand-stitched felt egg warmers and a session exploring collage.

Weaving with Grandmother Spider - Guildford, UK

A textile weaving workshop connecting to Archetype

Grandmother Spider.

Visual Journaling Workshops - Guildford, UK

Utilising Visual Journaling for healing and self-development.

Women’s Creative Circles - Guildford, UK

Creative workshops specifically for women at the full moon.



Weaving w/ Recycled Materials, Surrey Soup - Guildord, UK

Weaving workshop at Community evening.

Workshops with Guildford Action - Guildford, UK

Visual Journal Workshop with troubled Young Adults.


Vintage Guildford - Guildford, UK

Vintage Pin Badge Workshop with Recycled Materials.

Always the Sun Festival - Guildford, UK

Sikuli Weaving Workshop in the Crafty Peacock Tent.


One-to-One Art Classes - Guildford, UK

Private client - 4 years old, weekly classes.

Love Letters to Water - Ayampe, Ecuador

A group activity and workshop in lettering, writing love messages to water, for an arts event.

Coco Palm Weaving - Ayampe, Ecuador

Coco Palm Weaving Workshop with community of Ayampe.

Coco Palm Weaving - Shiripuno Community,

Misahaulli - Amazon, Ecuador

Coco Palm Weaving Workshop with indigenous Kichwa community of Misahualli in the Amazon.


Sikuli Weaving, Espacio Emergente - Ecuador

Sikuli Workshop held at Espacio Emergente, a Pop- Up Gallery.


Coco Palm Weaving - Sachachun, Ecuador

Workshop with children and adults of Sachachun Community.

Coco Palm Weaving - Cerro Paraiso, Ecuador

Workshop with children and adults of Guayaquil.

Coco Palm Weaving - Isla Trinitaria, Ecuador

Weaving workshop with children from Juconi.

Art Facilitation CMAP/ Juconi - Ecuador

March 2013 – November 2013

An 8-month volunteer art facilitation assignment with Articulate (formerly CMAP) and Juconi, facilitating weekly art activities with three separate groups of children and culminating in an art exhibition at a large gallery in Guayaquil.




_Beginners Pottery Short Course at Brewery Arts Centre with Chris Barnes, UK

-Resistance Embroidery Workshop with Jimena Prado, UK


_Rush Weaving Workshop with Felicity Irons, UK


_Willow Weaving Workshop with 

Nicki Rowling, UK


_Coco Palm Weaving Apprenticeship with Manuel Rodriguez, Ecuador


_Coco Palm Weaving Apprenticeship with Manuel Rodriguez, Ecuador

_Traditional Indigenous Ceramics with Lila Vasquez


_Coco Palm Weaving Apprenticeship with Manuel Rodriguez, Ecuador


_Traditional Mexican Cross-stitch Workshops Arquetopia, Mexico 

_Natural Dye Workshop, Arquetopia, Mexico


_Typography Workshop, St. Martins College, UK


_Business Acumen in the Arts, UCT Graduate School of Business, South Africa


_Graphic Design and Media Studies Diploma, Boston Media House, South Africa


_Graphic Design and Media Studies Diploma, Boston Media House, South Africa


_Media Studies Foundation, Boston Media House, South Africa


_Matric Senior Certificate (A-levels) passed with distinctions in Art and English, Potchefstroom High School for Girls, South Africa