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I'm a South African born citizen of the Earth, currently residing in the Lake District, UK.


I have been lucky enough to live in South Africa, the UK and South America and have managed to travel to many extraordinary places. I am a creative spirit who writes, makes art, weaves and creates crafts, along with graphic design and illustration.

All of my varied experiences and the places and people I have met, have influenced my creative projects. I speak English, Spanish and Afrikaans.

I have loved poetry since secondary school, inspired by my English teacher, Ms. Van Aswegan, who was passionate about literature and all things poetic.


I have been writing since then. More recently I have been working with a group of senior poets, The Birthwaite Bards, helping them design and publish their poetry books, which include some of my poetry.


You can read these on their website. 


Reading my poetry at Poem & a Pint, open mic evening in Ulverston 2018


The Birthwaite Bards - Keith Wilson, Sean Hunt, Maggie Sorbie and Janet Aitch. Windermere, 2018.

'Una Poema de Amor' / 'A Love Poem', 2020

Part of 'X Muestra Arte Erotico Espiritual' curated by Xavier Blum.

Filmed at Rydal Hall. Copyright of Tracey-Lee Scully.

Some of my poetry...
Who is Here?

By Tracey-Lee Scully


Who is here to witness

The new ferns unfurl

on the deserted fells?


Who feels the gentle

breeze and the sun’s kiss?


Who looks out at the vast

expanse of valley and hill,

of lake and sea of forest?


In this space, I am closer to the

one that made all, whoever

or whatever, he, she, or it, may be…


Here, I am one with nature,

limitless and unleashed,

from that which

keeps me numb,

held down,

small and fearful…


I am alive out here

I am at peace and in need

of nothing

to fill the ‘hole’

in the depths of

my ‘soul’


The void is empty here,

empty of pursuit and want,

empty of conflict and pain,

empty of any separateness

As out here… I am one with

the emptiness of everything


The sun penetrates my being,

the breath of the wind too

I melt into the arms of the land

I am held and know

there is nothing more to seek

I am held and know

Who…. ‘I’ am…




Mind Map

by Tracey-Lee Scully


A map in front of me

Up where North should be

The planet organized by man

But North and South drawn by his hand


My fingers dance across continents

Aware of our lack of consciousness

As I trace the curve of a non-existent border

A sharp-cutting reminder

of a mass mental disorder




Blind Unwelcome

by Tracey-Lee Scully



A term I recently heard

I’m told it refers to



I wonder

Is it the same as

Gaijin in Japan

Or Gringo in the Americas

both refer to

foreigners and outsiders

both deemed unkind


I am told

the term offcomer

is okay

My friend Margaret says

she’s from the county

but deemed an offcomer

in this town

Jane says her grandma’s

lived here for 50 years

she’s in her 70’s now

and still called

by that name…

Who is it that gets

to do the calling

Who owns this right?

Only the earth has

that birthright


The word makes me

feel uneasy


Not part of this place

a firm reminder

that I may never be

A blind unwelcome

I still wonder why

no one wonders why

calling you that

isn’t worth looking at...




High and Dry

by Tracey-Lee Scully


As millions migrate

Across looted lands

War and hate devastate

Intolerance and distrust expands


The powerful take a slanted stance

Unwilling to walk a mile in their shoes

They won’t give the innocent a chance

Who escape from hopeless woes


While the richest continue to flourish

And the majority live malnourished

Refugees left high and dry

And we are continuously fed

dangerous lies


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